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Dr. Oliver Bärtl
Co-Chief Executive Officer
E-Mail: oliver.baertl@henkesasswolf.de


Silke Hartmann
Co-Chief Executive Officer
E-Mail: silke.hartmann@henkesasswolf.de

Thomas Ziesemer
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Medical Endoscopy - Private Design & Key Accounts
E-Mail: thomas.ziesemer@henkesasswolf.de


Stefan Knefel
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Veterinary Products
E-Mail: stefan.knefel@henkesasswolf.de


Sabine Pauli
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Medical Endoscopy - Private Label & Dental
E-Mail: sabine.pauli@henkesasswolf.de


Günter Schnell
Product Manager
Industrial Products
E-Mail: guenter.schnell@henkesasswolf.de

Kevin Rodgers
Corporate Communications
Phone: +49 7462 9466-270
E-Mail: kevin.rodgers@henkesasswolf.de

Human Resources
E-Mail: personal@henkesasswolf.de