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HSW injectors – spare parts and accessories  

The HSW specific product numbers can be found in the attached spare parts lists that you may need to order the parts from your local distributor. 

download HSW FERRO-MATIC-NEU-3 ml.pdf
download HSW FERRO-MATIC-NEU-5 ml.pdf
download HSW_ECO-MATIC_Flasche-Bottle-version.pdf
download HSW_ECO-MATIC_mit_Universaladapter.pdf
download HSW_ECO-MATIC_Schlauch-Tube-version.pdf
download HSW_ECO-MATIC_Twin.pdf
download HSW_HENKE-JECT® TBC 2ml.pdf
download HSW_Impfstab.pdf
download HSW_MULTI-MATIC_25_ml_04.pdf
download HSW_MULTI-MATIC_50_ml.pdf
download HSW_ROUX-REVOLVER_10_ml.pdf
download HSW_ROUX-REVOLVER_30_ml.pdf
download HSW_ROUX-REVOLVER_Verlaengerungen.pdf
download HSW_SAFE-MATIC 2 ml.pdf
download HSW_UNI-MATIC_Flasche-Version-1_ml.pdf
download HSW_UNI-MATIC_Flasche-Version-2_ml.pdf
download HSW_UNI-MATIC_Schlauch-Version-1_ml.pdf
download HSW_UNI-MATIC_Schlauch-Version-2_ml.pdf
download HSW_UNI-MATIC_Schlauch-Version-5_ml.pdf
download HSW_VET-MATIC_10_ml.pdf
download HSW_VET-MATIC_5_ml.pdf