Picture of a flow switch DW-K 1 by Henke Sass Wolf in the field flow measuring technology of industry products.

Flowswitch DW-K

Versatile, reliable and affordable!

The DW-­K has been developed e.g. for the monitoring of coolant recir­culation systems with low flow rates. Compact and ideal for switching points between 0.1 and 2.5 l/min. In accordance with the wishes and re­quirements of our customers. The principle: A special piston, fitted with permanent magnets, is held in a defined position by a spring. Depending on the rate of flow, the medium slides the piston against the strength of the spring. If the flow exceeds or falls short of the present switch point, the reed switch outside the medium is activated without contact via the permanent magnet. The construction is absolutely leak­proof, and can easily be disassembled for any cleaning that needs to be done. The special piston that is divided into a measuring and guiding section combines pre­cise switching with high reliability. Furthermore, this flow switch is insen­sitive to contamination and calcification. 

Flowswitch DW-K

  • for the monitoring of lubricant, coolant and water circulation systems
    (gases on request)
  • many individual connection solutions, material designs and switching ranges – can also be supplied in small quantities
  • low switching points possible, large switching range
  • requires little space, can easily be disassembled
  • robust design, very reliable with a long service life
  • low price
  • Installation optional
  • ideal for low switching points (between 0.1 and 2.5 l/min)


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