Picture of a flowmeter DW-U by Henke Sass Wolf in the field flow measuring technology of industry products.

Flowmeter DW-U

Reliable monitoring and measuring! Easy handling!

Simple, very reliable flow meter with analog display of the current flow, adjustable switching point, optical switching display via glow lamp. 

Proven measuring method

The DW­-U from HSW functions according to the reliable way deflection system. The pendulum system with the pressure plate (deflector) is mo­ved by the flowing medium against the strength of a spring. A metal bellow seals the system from the medium to the measuring and display part. The movement transmission is done by force. A micro-­switch ar­ranged in the measuring part and a control lamp are activated. Cor­responding switching processes are triggered by this micro-­switch. Fur­thermore, a display system is activated that shows the current flow quantity on the scale.

  • Display of the current flow
  • simple adjustment of the switching points in accordance with small scale
  • hermetic separation of the medium from the micro­-switch using the bellows
  • insensitive to pollution and magnet fields
  • high electrical resilience
  • maximum operating reliability and serviceability
  • can be supplied for all flow directions and installation positions
  • also available in Ex-version
  • Version with two switches is available


Here you'll find an overview of our product range as a PDF