Technical Endoscopes

Endoscopes for non-destructive testing of materials

‘Technical endoscopy’ is a modern and low-cost form of non-destructive testing of materials for visual inspection of hollow cavities or components that are difficult to access – without time-consuming disassembly. Today, ‘RVI – remote visual inspection’ is an inherent part in all areas and facilitates detailed examination and documentation using endoscopes. 

Brilliant optical features

  • Use of an extremely high-quality optical system
  • Use of the latest lens technology
  • Superb resolution in the image center and also in the border area of the image 
  • Excellent detail recognition

Exceptional luminosity

  • Outstanding transmission 
  • HSW ‘high-speed’ rod-lens system
  • Low vignetting 
  • Glass cone for optimizing the illumination

Ultra-high durability

  • Triple-tube design for extremely high resistance against bending of the tube 
  • Main component made of stainless steel


  • Main component: ergonomic design 
  • Removable handle 
  • Construction made entirely of metal 
  • Operation with one hand

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Technical Endoscopes and Accessories

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