Picture of a flexible optical fibre borescopes by Henke Sass Wolf in the field technical endoscopes of industry products.

Flexible optical-fibre borescopes

If it is not possible to reach the inspection area using a rigid borescope, we recommend to use our flexible optical- fibre borescope. The inspection operation can be carried out with one hand. Moreover, the borescope tip can be bent 2way or 4way depending on the design type by means of a remote-control function from the main unit. This function allows to control both the insertion direction and the viewing direction. The image captured by the objective lens is distributed to many thousands of optical fibres, routed to the eyepiece where it is put together again to form a high-quality image. 

Technical specifications

  • Robust sheath made of stainless steel or polyurethane
  • Utilisation of the latest optical fibre technology
  • Very-high resolution
  • Easy connection of video and digital cameras
  • 90° adapters, optional

Design types

  • Diameter: From 2.4 mm to 8 mm
  • Effective length: 400 – 2,750 mm
  • Viewing directions: 0°, 90° (with adapter)
  • Field of view: 45° or 60°
  • Bending: 2fold and 4fold
  • Accessories: On request!