Automatic self-filling syringe
for fatigue-free vaccinations
0,5ml / 1ml / 2ml

Included in delivery (HSW F-Grip Tube Feed):

1x HSW F-Grip Tube Feed
1x Ascending tube
1x Spare part set

Included in delivery (HSW F-GRIP Bottle Mount):

1x HSW F-Grip Bottle Mount
3x Collars (20mm / 28-30mm / 32-33mm)
1x Spare part set

Included in delivery (HSW F-GRIP Transformer):

1x HSW F-Grip Transformer
1x Bottle basket
3x Collars (20mm / 28-30mm / 32-33mm)
3x Draw-Off Caps (20mm / 30mm / 33mm) 
1x Tubing and tubing adapter
1x Spare part set

Areas of application:


  • Fatigue proof design
  • Especially user-friendly due to various alternatives
    • Bottle mount
    • Tube feed
    • Transformer
  • Dosage volume can be selected freely
  • Metal barrel body protects the cylinder
  • Possibility to adapt different bottle sizes
  • Flexible rotation by 360 degree
  • High dosage accuracy

Product details

Version Vol/ml Item-No.
Tubing 0,5 ml 8300032189
1 ml 8300028679
2 ml 8300028681
Version Vol/ml Item-No.
Bottle Mount 0,5 ml 8300028710
1 ml 8300028711
2 ml 8300029815
Version Vol/ml Item-No.
Transformer 0,5 ml 8300032142
1 ml 8300032143
2 ml 8300027782