Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

Company strength is combined strength  

Henke-Sass, Wolf is a medium-sized, globally active company which, ever since its foundation in 1921, has developed into the world's biggest OEM manufacturer of rigid medical endoscopes and now occupies an internationally leading position in all its business segments.

A key factor in this success has always been the company's employees. Their commitment, their motivation and their readiness to develop are a significant cornerstone of the Henke-Sass, Wolf success story. Through intensive training, further qualification and courses we are in a position to always stay one step ahead of our competitors worldwide and to master the constantly changing challenges posed by quality, know-how and innovation.

To secure our lead position in the future we rely on entrepreneurial far-sightedness, high innovative strength, efficient business activities and consistent decision-making. A key objective of Henke-Sass, Wolf is to have employees who rise to the daily and unusual challenges posed by markets worldwide with collective strength and confidence.