Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

Paddlewheel Flowtransmitter DW-F –
Reliable monitoring! Precise controlling! Easy handling! 

The DW-F flowtransmitter is a supplement to the DW-­D deflector flowtransmitter and is fitted with a wheel sensor. The DW-­F device type corresponds exactly to the structure of the DW­-D device type with the exception of the sensor system. The DW-­F works with a wheel instead of a paddle. This opens up additional possibilities of ideally adapting the HSW DW-­F flow transmitter to the correspond­ing application areas. 

  • Wheel measuring principle
  • for liquids
  • high measuring sensitivity and very large measuring range
  • high­-quality bearing
  • linear output signal
  • high precision in a broad temperature range
  • very good price/performance ratio
  • optional: RS232C interface
  • Totalisator