Automatic self-filling syringe for oral application with Back Bottle Mount or Tubing - 6 ml / 10 ml

Included in delivery:

  • HSW ECO-MATIC® 6ml / 10ml Drencher with Back Bottle Mount Universal complete:
    1 x Syringe with mounted universal bottle collar Ø 20mm (white)
    1 x Universal bottle collar Ø 30mm (blue)
    1 x Universal bottle collar Ø 33mm (green)
    1 x Drench Nozzle 11 cm
  • HSW ECO-MATIC® 6ml / 10ml Drencher with Tubing complete:
    1 x Syringe with tubing
    1 x Drench Nozzle 11 cm


Areas of application:

HSW ECO-MATIC® 6 ml / 10 ml

  • Premium quality plastic syringe with durable plastic barrel
  • Standardized swivel nut for easy exchange of needles, nozzles and hooks with other products from HSW product range
  • Different adaptors for different shaped and sized bottles as well as for tubes available
  • Exact dosage adjustment via dosing wheel (0.5ml steps, from 0.5ml)
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Easy valve and o-ring service
  • available in two different set-ups: 
    with Back Bottle Mount OR with tubing

    (Back Bottle Mount version can also be used with a tubing collar (see picture no. 2), additional accessories)

Product details

Version   Vol/ml Item no.
Back Bottle Mount Universal Adapter, Drench Nozzle 11cm 6 ml 8300059201
    10 ml 8300059203
Tubing Drench Nozzle 11cm 6 ml 8300059213
    10 ml 8300059215

The table only represents an excerpt of possible combinations in terms of dosing, adapters and front parts.

Additional versions are available on request.

Spare Parts

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