Picture of the HSW ECO-MATIC drencher with drench nozzle by Henke Sass Wolf in the field drenchers of veterinary products.


Automatic self-filling syringe for oral application
12,5 ml / 30 ml / 70 ml

Included in delivery:

HSW ECO-MATIC® Drencher complete:
1 x Syringe
1 x Tubing
1 x Drench nozzle metal 11 cm

Areas of application:


  • Especially designed for sheep and cattle
  • For multiple dosing of livestock
  • Optionally available as injector
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly design
  • High-strength materials guarantee continuous use as well as long service life at low weight 
  • Dosing wheel for setting the required dosage
  • Expansion of our renowned product line of HSW ECO-MATIC® syringes
Vol/ml Item no.
12,5 ml 8300017257
30 ml 8300026525
70 ml 8300029836

Different nozzle attachments are available depending on the application needs.

Spare Parts

Please note that we are currently reviewing our spare parts portfolio. We will provide you with an overview of all available parts as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about our current range of spare parts, please contact your local distributor.