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Seven Locations,
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From the heart of the medical technology sector into the whole wide world.

More than 80 percent of our customers are outside of Germany – that is why a global presence is extremely important to us to always maintain customer proximity. Since the company was founded in 1921, we have been based in Tuttlingen, the heart of the world's medical technology sector. This is also where our "doer" mentality comes from, our innovative spirit and our emphasis on quality. And it is exactly this foundation of values that we are duplicating at our international locations in order to be able to produce our select range of top instruments for special medical technology and industrial segments at the high level of HSW quality you are used to.

Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH in
Tuttlingen, Germany

  • Founded in: 1921
  • 500 employees, 50 young professionals
  • Corporate and Commercial Management, Sales & Marketing, 
  • Large Research & Development and Quality Management units
  • Corporate IT center , HR, Finance, Purchasing,
  • State of the art machines, linked Production, Industrial Engineering and Robot Production
  • Final Assembly and Quality control
  • Service and Repair Center
  • 15,500 sq m of production space

HSW Mikrooptik GmbH in
Noerten-Hardenberg, Germany

  • Part of the HSW Group since 1997
  • Formerly known as Nolte+Grzeszik
  • World's leading microoptics production specialist
  • 200 employees
  • Education of precision opticians
  • 19,000 sq m property with a production space of approx. 4,500 sq m

Henke Sass Wolf Mikrooptik

Klaus Wenkert Medizintechnik GmbH in Seitingen-Oberflacht, Germany

  • Founded in 1993
  • Part of the HSW Group since 2015
  • Leading OEM manufacturer of urology and gynecology instruments
  • Highest-quality hardware for endoscopic urology, hysteroscopy, arthroscopy and bronchoscopy
  • Ideally matched medical endoscopes and instruments
  • Efficient and quick production of prototypes
  • 50 employees

Klaus Wenkert Medizintechnik

HSW of America Inc. in
Dudley, Massachusetts, USA

  • Founded in 1991
  • Branch for staying in touch with North American customers
  • Assembly of innovative endoscopes within our technology platform
  • Minimized repair times in the North American markets and fast customer support
  • Service, Sales and Logistics for the North American markets
  • 200 employees

HSW of America

HSW Polska Sp. z o.o. in
Nowy Tomyśl, Poland

  • Founded in: 1994
  • Production location with long-term development perspective
  • Important subsidiary company for the Eastern European markets
  • 200 employees

HSW Medical Instruments Ltd. in
Qingdao, China

  • Founded in: 2006
  • Production location for assemblies
  • Geographic proximity to the important Asian markets
  • 160 employees

XION GmbH in
Berlin, Deutschland

  • Founded in 1991, part of HSW since 2019
  • All products are manufacutred in Berlin
  • Devices, endoscopes and instruments for minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy
  • Rigid and flexible endoscopes, light sources, camera systems, equipment trolleys
  • Software for patient management, documentation of findings, video processing, voice analysis
  • XION is now present in more than 50 countries with own representatives
  • 110 employees

XION Medical