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Henke Sass Wolf invests in climate protection

After having successfully installed a combined heat and power plant (CHP) last year, Henke Sass Wolf continuously invests in climate protection with the production of sustainable energy. As of late, a new photovoltaic system is supporting the eco-friendly power supply at the HSW headquarters in Tuttlingen.

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The family business Henke Sass Wolf GmbH acquires Zünd Präzisionsoptik AG

Henke Sass Wolf GmbH ("HSW") acquires Zünd Präzisionsoptik AG and its subsidiary Optivac AG ("Zünd Präzisionsoptik AG"), the leading manufacturer of optical components in the micro optics sector. The Zünd Group is a leading global competence center for sophisticated plano optics and coatings of the highest quality. Customers from all over the world and from a wide range of industries are served from the modern production site in Switzerland.

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Our brand new HSW DETECTABLE NEEDLES offer more safety during vaccination and are a valuable addition to our product portfolio of reusable needles.
Find out more about the versatile advantages and versions here:

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