Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

High Definition  

With the advent of HD technology Henke-Sass, Wolf has specified all endoscopes compatible with HD camera systems. This HD technology is mapped over the entire range of Henke-Sass, Wolf. In addition, Henke-Sass, Wolf has developed its own  standard that has yet to meet higher quality requirements in resolution and contrast.

This standard – the company's own – has raised the benchmark in imaging endoscopy and is optimally matched to the performance characteristics of modern full-HD camera systems.

The research and development division of Henke-Sass, Wolf is currently developing the third generation of high definition optics: . These optics feature entirely new optical properties for endoscopes and are perfect for today's as well as tomorrow's camera systems. With the  generation Henke-Sass, Wolf has again proven its efficiency and its pioneering spirit in the medical endoscopy sector.