Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

Our strengths – Your benefits  

The outstanding properties and cost-efficient production of our endoscopes have turned Henke-Sass, Wolf into the world's leading OEM manufacturer of rigid endoscopes. Technological developments in camera systems for medical endoscopy are boosting demand for imaging endoscopes all the time. For this reason, the quality of our endoscopes is more important today than ever.

HSW endoscopes offer brilliant optical quality and exceptional image brightness for optimum results:

  • High-quality, multi-coated (anti-reflective) optical system
  • Outstanding optical transmission
  • Highly refractive glass for optimum color rendering even under high magnification
  • Exceptionally precise centering of optical and mechanical components for a brilliant, high-contrast image even around the edges
  • Powerful optical fibers
  • High-quality glass cones to optimize the light input

HSW endoscopes offer excellent autoclavability and extremely long service life, giving users reliability plus cost-efficiency:

  • Sealing of the optical system without using adhesive or elastomers but through laser welding and a special HSW soldering process
  • Use of high-quality stainless steel
  • Sapphires at the distal and proximal end
  • Triple-tube design for high bending resistance with many endoscopes
  • Nitrogen-filled optical system to avoid interior fogging

In addition to a broad product range for individual medical disciplines, Henke-Sass, Wolf offers a practice-proven OEM platform, on which reliable solutions can quickly be developed in the highest quality. Together with clinical users, and utilizing state-of-the-art production methods and technologies, Henke-Sass, Wolf also develops innovative solutions for the minimal-invasive diagnostics and therapy of tomorrow.