Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

HSW Arthroscopes for optimum image quality  

Henke-Sass, Wolf offers a broad range of endoscopes for arthroscopy. With their excellent imaging properties, HSW arthroscopes set the standard for the market and enable surgeons to make a safe diagnosis or achieve an optimal therapeutic result even under difficult conditions.

The product range for arthroscopy also contains special endoscopes with an external diameter of 1.9 mm that have impressive imaging quality. Naturally a broad and comprehensive range of optimally adapted shafts is also available. 

  • HD 1.9 mm Arthroscope
  • HD 2.7 mm Arthroscope
  • HD 4.0 mm Arthroscope
  •  4.0 mm Arthroscope
  • Shaft system for 1.9 mm Arthroscope
  • Shaft system for 2.7 mm Arthroscope
  • Shaft system for 4.0 mm Arthroscope