Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH

Your benefits – our competencies  

  • OEM world leader in rigid endoscopes
  • High level of expertise in flexible endoscopes and video endoscopes
  • Broad and optimal range of accessories
  • Own Research & Development with internationally experienced project teams
  • High degree of vertical integration via many own technologies
  • Own lens manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in USA, Europe and China
  • Cross-Group quality management system
  • Service and assembly also directly in the U.S.
  • Advice on product marketing
  • Cost advantages through economies of scale

In the medical endoscopy sector, Henke-Sass, Wolf is among the technological leaders in research, development and production. The quality, durability and value of our products is recognized worldwide. In the fields of arthroscopy, ENT, laparoscopy, gynecology and urology in particular, special endoscopes from Henke-Sass Wolf are the proven quality standard. Our sophisticated range of products with endoscopes and instruments for various medical disciplines is one of our key success components.

Our own technology and development platform is a further key component in our success. By means of continuously high investments in research and development, we offer our customers the technological edge. Through their innovative features and outstanding optical quality, our endoscopes offer many benefits, and in terms of autoclaving resistance and hygiene, too, HSW endoscopes stand out clearly from the crowd. The extremely long service life of our endoscopes ensures reliable use in daily practice. And by integrating Wenkert into our company and our product philosophy, we can supply instruments that have been optimally coordinated with our endoscopes.

Take advantage of our experience for your endoscope. From development to global service, Henke-Sass, Wolf gives you all you need to make your application successful.