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The all new EPIG®
EPIG® is a smart needle free device for the intramuscular injection of pigs around weaning until end of nursery. It offers smooth and painless injections of 1 or 2 ml with no recoil, low noise level and direct feedback for the user through intelligent sensors and LED alerts. Please visit www.hsw-needlefree.com for more information on this product.



HSW Pneumatic Vaccinator
The pneumatically driven vaccinator enables highest dosing accuracy for the vaccination of day-old chicks. Due to an adjustable trigger element, non-corrosive double stroke cylinders and high-quality components the device offers everything you need in the hatchery: fatigue-proof and continuous usage. •••>

HSW Double Breast Vaccinator
The electrically driven vaccinator enables a double vaccination into the breast muscle of chickens. Due to a LED touchscreen guided chicken positioning, precise dosing syringes, several safety features as well as high-quality components an optimal and equal vaccination result can be achieved. •••>

HSW Spray Cabinet
The spray cabinet has been designed for an equal vaccine application to day-old chicks by the coarse spray method. Adjustable volumes and crate sizes, high-quality stainless steel components as well as an unique spray nozzle enable an equal and effective distribution of the vaccine to the chicks. •••>

product video

Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH expands its presence on Youtube with a hands-on video providing recommendations regarding set-up, cleaning and maintenance of HSW ECO-MATIC® syringes.


The markets first light weight, ergonomic compact double barrel plastic syringe.For more information please see •••>

Innovative, electronic solution providing automatic recognition and documentation of animals, treatments, animal health product inventory and usage. •••>

Our Selection Guide to choose the right syringe for each purpose. •••>

Everything for the poultry users

The poultry syringe (0,1 ml – 1 ml) with no o-ring to reduce maintenance issues. Failure free valves (fitted with stainless steel balls and springs) ensure continuous injections without interruptions. Feed tube and vial models are available in syringe volumes 1 ml and 2 ml. The metal syringe is designed durably and resistant and enables ergonomically correct handling without hand fatigue also for small dosages. •••>

HSW FINE-JECT® needles
New extra short poultry sizes e.g. 18 G x 1/4 (1.20 x 6 mm), 18 G x 1/2 (1.20 x 13 mm), 20 G x 1/4 (0.9 x 6 mm), 22 G x 3/8 (0.7 x 10 mm). 

The hypodermic needles stand out with their optimized siliconization of the needle tube, the high pull-out forces of canula-hub-connection and the innovative anti-coring treatment of the needle tube. •••>

HSW Wing Web Vaccinators
The HSW Wing Web Needles were developed especially for poultry injections and are ideal for pox and other micro-dosage injections. Our Wing Web needles are available in two different versions (Standard Red and Beige). They enable a total dosage per vaccinator of 0.001 ml and 0.01 ml. The small plastic handle has two double nickel plated, carbon steel prongs towards the needle end which allows a micro-dosage vaccination •••>