Henke-Sass, Wolf GmbH


Headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany 

Henke-Sass, Wolf has developed high-quality instruments and products for practical medicine here since 1921. Today Henke-Sass, Wolf in Tuttlingen is an internationally acclaimed center of innovation for endoscopy. Management, marketing and sales, R&D, final assembly, quality control and service are all located at the Tuttlingen headquarters. Here, alongside the bright and spacious office rooms, there is also a state-of-the-art machine park for the production of mechanical components and instruments for medical technology – especially for endoscopy, veterinary products, dental products, control technology and measuring technology. 

Since October 2015 the company Klaus Wenkert Medizintechnik GmbH has been owned by Henke-Sass, Wolf. Based in Seitingen-Oberflacht, the company is a leading OEM manufacturer of instruments in urology and gynecology – to go with the endoscopes from Henke-Sass, Wolf. Both companies have the same high standards where product quality, innovation and perfection are concerned, and both follow the same OEM brand strategy. The merger is creating synergies leading to new growth potential.

Micro-optical component production in Germany 

Henke-Sass, Wolf Mikrooptik GmbH in Nörten-Hardenberg, a leading international producer of high-precision micro-optical components, is an important quality basis for the innovative development and production processes of Henke-Sass, Wolf. 


Henke-Sass, Wolf of America Inc. was founded in the US in 1991 in order to minimize repair times in the North American market and to guarantee fast and optimal on-site support for customers. The production of new endoscopes within our technology platform is driven here, too.


The plant in Poland – Henke-Sass, Wolf-Polska Sp. z o.o. – was founded in 1994 to fulfill the economic requirements of the market in the long term. The location benefits in Poland are also ideal for taking best advantage of the opportunities offered by the markets of Eastern Europe. 


In 2006 the factory Henke Sass Wolf Medical Instruments (Qingdao) Ltd. in China was founded as a production site especially for wage-intensive activities. The production facility also placed the company in close geographical proximity to the important Asian market.