An ideal partner for your traineeship: 15 students of the HFU get an in depth look into HSW

A practical semester or traineeship at HSW is an ideal start into a career and a good opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge. 15 students of the HFU Hochschule Furtwangen University were now able to get an in depth look into Henke-Sass, Wolf. Our experts lifted the veil and gave detailed insights into our medical technology and veterinary product range.

At an information afternoon on December 2nd, 15 students from Furtwangen University (HFU) were able to gain an intensive insight into HSW. In addition to general information from young colleagues from the areas of sales, research and development, communications and quality management, the students were able to ask many questions during an extensive tour. The veterinary division of Henke-Sass, Wolf was particularly in focus. Under the guidance of Maikel Wiedmann from the Research and Development department, the students were also able to try out the new EPIG® for themselves.

EPIG® is an intelligent, needle-free injector for intramuscular injections, which ensures gentle, painless injections of 1 or 2 ml doses - with low volume, without recoil and with direct feedback for the user via intelligent sensors and LED signals. Henke-Sass, Wolf offers both voluntary internships and mandatory internships in order to provide students with the best possible support as they take their first career steps. Practical experience is an important part of a successful career start. At Henke-Sass, Wolf, students can therefore contribute their know-how directly to exciting projects in various areas, side by side with experienced teammates.

A practical semester is possible in the following areas:

• Industrial Engineering
• Corporate Quality Management
• Sales and Marketing
• Research & Development
• Purchasing
• Controlling
• Legal